A Diamond Is Forever: The Secret To Buying Great Jewellery

Diamond Earrings NZ

Diamond Earrings NZ

Diamond jewellery has been tremendously popular for generations. It’s the standard gemstone used in engagement rings, and it’s also commonly used in high-end jewellery. If you’re looking to buy a woman a piece of jewellery, you really can’t go wrong with a diamond.

With that said, you should try to make sure that you’re using your money wisely. A diamond can be a big investment. You shouldn’t settle for any diamond jewellery that’s less than the best.

If you keep these simple tips in mind, you should be able to buy some truly incredible pieces:

Find A Jeweller You Can Trust

When it comes to buying diamonds, a great jeweller can make all the difference. They can ask you questions, guide you in your search, and point out little details that you might have missed. The best jewellers also have a lot of connections, which means that they can get their hands on some truly amazing pieces.

Instead of running out to the nearest jeweller and buying some jewellery, it’s a smart idea to research jewellers in the area. Find someone who has a stellar reputation. When you’re buying diamonds, you should only work with the best.

Consider Buying Diamonds Separately

Sometimes, you can get higher quality diamonds if you buy the stones on their own. From there, you can take the stones to a jeweller and have them placed in the proper setting.

If you’re not satisfied with the quality of diamonds in your price range, this is definitely something you’ll want to consider. Even though this method takes a little more effort, it can allow you to stretch your money very far.

Shop Online at NZ Jewellery Websites

Diamond jewellery Auckland

Diamond jewellery Auckland

A lot of people are reluctant to buy diamonds online. After all, you can only tell so much about a diamond from pictures. You need to see it sparkle if you really want to get a feel for what it’s like.

However, there are some truly top of the line retailers like Orsini also sell diamond jewellery at incredible prices. Many of them have a return policy that favours the customer. You can order a ring that meets your needs, and if it doesn’t fit your expectations, you can take it back without any consequences.

Spend some time researching online retailers and see if you can find one that you’d be comfortable buying diamonds from. If you can find the right retailer, you’ll be able to choose from an incredible selection of jewellery. Even better, you’ll be able to buy that jewellery from an extremely low price.

At the end of the day, the real secret to buying diamond jewellery is to be flexible. If you shop around and consider all of your options, you’ll be able to find some diamond jewellery that will take your breath away.

A diamond ring or necklace will last you a lifetime. When you buy jewellery, make sure that you get a piece that’s truly perfect. After all, this piece will be worn for decades to come.

3 Tips for Choosing an Engagement Ring

solitaire engagement ring AucklandIt is that important stage in life where you want to make a proposal to a special person in your life to marry you. For this event you will require an engagement ring and you want it to be perfect for your partner. You do not want go and shop on a whim for a ring as that can end up being less than satisfactory which will ruin this special day. Remember, that the day that you propose to your loved one is special and will remain in their minds so you want everything to be a close to perfect as possible.

If you get the right ring, your partner will be overjoyed and you almost won’t have to say anything, but of course no wedding proposal would be complete without you actually asking. Here are some tips to minimise possible problems and make your proposal a memorable one for all the right reasons.

1. Shopping for the engagement ring.

In earlier times the man would go to a jeweller to buy an engagement ring but these days it is common for many couples to look for the ring together. In most cases however, the still man prefers to do it by himself so that it will be a surprise for his girlfriend. One thing that has not changed though is that the man tends to not be sure what style of ring to buy or how much he should spend. A good jeweller, someone like Sarah at Orsini in Auckland can give the man some excellent advice on shopping for an engagement ring.

2. Timing.

As with most things in life, timing is essential. You might plan ahead to make your proposal coincide with a key time for yourselves such as the anniversary of your first date. So decide on the date and then work backwards. You can find cheap rings off the shelf in any chain store but if you want a special diamond engagement ring, then you will need more time. For example, you may want a custom design, or a specific stone. These are not always available so your jeweller will be able to help you there. Also, if you are having the ring made, that can take a few weeks until it is finished. And even if the exact ring is available, it may not be the right size. A good jeweller can re-size your ring but again they will need some time to be able to do that. So in short, you are unlikely to be able to find the perfect ring on the spur of the moment.

3. Budget for the engagement ring

Round cut engagement ring AucklandFor many people, the budget is the key factor, so consider the amount of money you are comfortable spending to get her an engagement ring. There is no point purchasing a very expensive ring and at the end of the day you cannot even take your lady to a nice place to propose. Again a good jeweller will guide you to find a ring she will love that meets your budget.

If you follow these tips, buying an engagement ring should not be too stressful although the same can’t be said for the actual proposal.


5 Tips To Help A Guy Buy An Engagement Ring

solitaire engagement ringYou are in love and ready to offer your sweetheart an engagement ring. However, you have to idea what to choose to make sure she’s going to like it. It’s hard to find a balance between your budget and the size of the diamond, so you could surely use some tips to help you pick the best ring.

1. More Expensive Isn’t Necessarily Better

There’s a general belief that a diamond ring should cost three month’s salary. Many people believe it, so they don’t even check to see whether they can find a beautiful one for a fraction of this price. In reality, the price of an engagement ring depends on a number of factors including the size of the diamond. If your fiancée likes petite jewellery, she’s going to be happier with a smaller ring than with a huge stone. In such situations, paying less is actually better.

2. The Best Surprise Is The One You Know About

Why risk to buy a ring your sweetheart won’t like? It’s much wiser to browse the Auckland jewellery stores together, so that she can choose what she likes most. This is the trend of our modern world: friends make gifts by going shopping together, lovers buy rings by choosing them together and children pick their gifts from Santa right from the stores. Since an engagement ring isn’t a cheap purchase, it’s much better to leave out the guesswork and buy something she finds awesome.

3. Shopping Around Pays Off

Never go with just the first jeweller you encounter. You need to shop around in order to compare prices, styles, and designs. This is how you can find discounts or special offers, so be willing to do a little research before buying an engagement ring. If you travel abroad, you can consider taking a look at jewellery stores in those countries but buying locally gives you more choice, you can get the sized altered and you can take it in for expert cleaning.

4. Avoiding Big Holidays Can Save You Money

When looking to buy an engagement ring, it’s best to avoid big holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day. It is possible that merchants increase their prices around these dates, because they know people are more relaxed with their spending. Don’t fall for this. Choose a neutral time of the year to propose to your sweetheart. September to November are good months for buying engagement rings in Auckland.

5. Creativity Can Beat The Price

The true value of an engagement ring is in the love you have for your fiancée. If she also loves you and wants to share a life with you, she’s going to be excited about your proposal. For example, your intended might like heart-shaped stones and one of these might mean more to her than a large solitaire diamond. Think creatively or ask a premium jeweller like Sarah Hutchings at Orsini Fine Jewellery in Parnell, Auckland.

These are only a few tips to help you buy an engagement ring that doesn’t make you spend more money than you can afford. If you are willing to spend a little time and don’t rush into buying the first diamond you find, you are going to get it right and your girl is going to be happy.

Choosing An Engagement Ring Tips

Auckland engagement ring

Auckland engagement ring

Getting married is a big step in just about anyone’s life. A lot of people wait years and years to get married. Choosing an engagement ring has always been a part of the traditional process of getting married. How do you know which ring to choose? What type of ring do you get? These are all questions that you are going to want to ask before making your decision. In this article, we will go over some of the different things you are going to need to do in order to properly choose an engagement ring.

Tips For Choosing An Engagement Ring in Auckland:

1. Budget.

The first thing that you are going to want to consider when trying to find an engagement ring is your budget limitations. It is critical to choose a ring that fits well within your budget because you do not want to go into debt for a ring purchase. Therefore, this is the first thing that you are going to want to consider when you are going out ring shopping.

2. Size.

Another thing that you are going to want to consider is the size. The size of the ring is an important factor to consider because you will want to make sure that you not only get the proper size for your significant other, but also that you get a size that is going to be proportional to his/her hand.

3. Type.

Diamond engagement ring

Diamond engagement ring

Another factor that you are going to want to consider is the type of ring. A lot of people choose to purchase diamond rings for their engagements. Whereas, a lot of other people choose to purchase other types of rings instead. It really all comes down to your personal preference and whether or not you want a diamond ring. There are plenty of other stones and types of rings that you can choose from if you are trying to get an engagement ring. A lot of it is going to depend on your personal likes and dislikes.

As you can see, there is plenty to consider when you are trying to choose an engagement ring. When you are trying to choose one, you will want to make sure that you find the ring that fits your significant other, you will also want to find a ring that is well within your budget limitations, and you will want to make sure that you find the right type of ring that you want to be your engagement ring. By looking and considering all of the factors above, you should be able to find the perfect ring to get as your engagement ring. Be sure to really find the ring that you want to use as your engagement ring because it is something that is likely going to hold a significant and special value in you and your significant others hearts. Also, if you are planning on spending a lot of money on your ring, you might want to consider purchasing insurance for it to protect your investment.

Orsini Fine Jewellery is one of the most respected jewellers of engagement rings in Auckland. They have a huge range to suit almost any taste. Click through here to see some more fabulous rings www.orsini.co.nz.

Advantages Of Rhodium Plating For Jewellery Repairs


Most of the people usually have a lot of sentiments attached to their jewellery. This is the reason that people

Jewellery repair Auckland

Image Pedestal white gold engagement ring Auckland

always want to take good care of the jewellery that has been passed on to them from their grandmother and is part of the family heirloom . There was a time when gold with purity of  22k was used to create jewellery but in these days of bling, people often prefer to buy jewellery made of white gold.


In simple terms, white gold can be defined as a mixture of gold and other metals including nickel and palladium. These metals have a bleaching effect on gold and are responsible for the whitish colour of the resulting metal. More often than not, all of the white gold jewellery available today is rhodium plated.


You may not have heard much about the metal rhodium. Rhodium is an extremely rare metal and it usually costs almost 10 times as much as gold. However, it is a very brittle metal which means that it cannot be used for making jewellery on its own and therefore, it is preferred for plating. One of the biggest advantages of this metal is that it is dazzlingly white and adds much desired shine to the jewellery. This metal is also used for plating diamonds as it makes diamonds look better and bigger.


Rhodium is also extensively used for jewellery repairs as it is extremely strong and a 0.1 micron thick layer of rhodium can keep the underlying piece of jewellery safe from scratches and any other kind of damage. Most of the white gold jewellery that is sold today is not truly white in colour. In fact, most of the jewellers do not care for the colour of the underlying metal as the jewellery is always going to be rhodium plated to give it a shiny and bright look.


However, rhodium plating is not going to last forever especially in case of items that are regularly worn. For instance, a rhodium plated yellow gold pin is going to retain its brightness for a long time as it is rarely touched and occasionally used. On the other hand, a yellow gold ring that has been rhodium painted won’t retain its bright look for too long as it is regularly worn and the rhodium plating will wear off after some time.


As far as the durability of rhodium plating is concerned, it depends a lot on the quality of the plating solution used for plating the underlying metal. Good quality rhodium plating can last from 2 to 10 years. It is also important to note here that the durability depends a lot on the frequency of use as well as on the quality and thickness of plating. As mentioned above, rhodium is also extensively used for repair of jewellery.


Thankfully, rhodium plating is cheap and widely available. If you have a piece of jewellery that has lost its rhodium plating, you can always take the piece of jewellery to the local jeweller and ask for it to be rhodium plated again. It is important to keep in mind that this metal plating is not going to get rid of any scratches and dents on the jewellery. It will only make your jewellery shiny and bright.


Scrubbing and polishing jewellery can help get rid of any dents and scratches on the surface of the jewellery. It is important to ask the jeweller to get it scrubbed and published properly before doing plating. As far as the overall price of plating is concerned, it depends on the thickness of the plating that you choose for your piece of jewellery. You can also get yellow gold rhodium plated but you will need to take good care for it to last long.


For a first class jewellery repair service in Auckland, you can contact Orsini Jewellers or visit their website orsini.co.nz. They are designers and manufacturers of highly acclaimed jewellery and can make your rings look like new.

How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Diamond engagement ring

Diamond engagement ring

Choosing an engagement ring can be confusing at first. It can be difficult to decide how much to spend, what design to choose, and where you can get ethically sourced diamonds at a good price. Plus there are hundreds of jewellery shops selling engagement rings in NZ. Here are some thoughts to help you make choice.

The traditional rule of thumb was that you should spend two or three months of your income on an engagement ring, but more and more adults are opting to be a little more conservative with their spending, instead going more like four to six weeks of their income. This isn’t because they care less, but because they have different priorities and would prefer to spend that extra money on a down-payment for a house, or something similar. Of course, if there is an ideal ring that costs just a little bit more, it makes sense to pay for it.

Picking the Right Size Engagement Ring

You should think carefully about the size of the ring that you buy. Never just “guess” at the ring size. If you can get your hands on a ring that fits her then you should take that to the jeweller’s and have it measured.

If your girlfriend wears a lot of jewellery then you should look carefully at the other pieces in her jewellery box. Is there a ring that she likes a lot, or does a lot of her jewellery have a particular style? If so, then you should look at that closely. Ask the jeweller for something timeless that has elements of her preferred style in it.

Another thing that you should pay attention to is the type of metal. Note that it is customary for the bride and groom to wear matching metal. This means that you should think ahead to the type of ring that you will end up wearing if you buy that rose gold or white gold ring.

Auckland engagement ring

Auckland engagement ring

Diamonds are graded base on their colour, clarity, carat and cut, and it is important that you pick a good quality diamond. Whenever possible, choose clarity and cut over the carat of the diamond. If your future wife prefers big diamonds then you will need to save up for a while to get a diamond that looks good at that size.

There is a trend towards coloured gemstones on engagement rings, and there are some people who appreciate asymmetrical vintage stones. If you think that your girl will appreciate that kind of thing it’s a great way to give her something that little bit different.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you get the stone certified so that it is covered for insurance purposes. If you don’t do that, then you could end up in a lot of trouble if the ring gets stolen or goes missing. Having the value of the ring certified by a professional is the only way to prove that it really was the carat and quality that you say it was. There are, unfortunately, a lot of fakes out there and man-made diamonds are very hard to tell from the real thing so be sure to talk to an expert like Sarah at Orsini Fine Jewellery. Although she is in Auckland, Sarah sells engagement rings in NZ as a whole, not just near her shop.

You can see some examples of her stunning engagement rings on her website. Take a look and give her a call. She will be happy to chat about supplying engagement rings in NZ.

NZ jewelleryJewellery comes in different style, shapes, sizes, and colour. It is a mixture of metals and different precious gems and stones. There are many designs available in different jewellery shops that you can choose from. Although sometimes, there are specific design and style that you are looking for but unable to find them in your local stores. This problem can easily be solved by getting help from a jeweller who makes personalised jewellery.

Purchasing custom-made jewellery can be quite expensive when compared to buying an off-the-shelf piece that has been made already. It is an important investment in buying a new property or a car. To make sure that you will get the best quality of service and materials for your jewellery, you must choose the most reputable jeweller that will cater to your jewellery needs.

If you already have the style and design that you want for your jewellery but you don’t know any jeweller who can make it, you may ask some of your friends or family about it. Getting some recommendations from your loved ones will help you find the best jeweller. If you have given many options, then it’s time to filter them one by one until you find the most reputable jeweller.

In choosing a jeweller, you should always check for the credentials first. Like other professionals such as doctors or lawyers, jewellers must also have credentials that will indicate that they are trained professionals. It also indicates that they have gemological training and how extensive their skills and knowledge in the field of making precious jewellery.

In selecting the right NZ jeweller, you should choose someone that will cater your specific needs. You may look for their collection of work and choose the one who makes jewellery that are similar to the style and design that you want. By this, he or she can easily make your custom style jewellery without any difficulty by just simply explaining all the details.

The best jeweller can be identified on how long he or she has been in the business. The most reputable jeweller is the one who have created the most numbers of jewellery that come in different style, shapes, and sizes. You may also ask for the number of trainings that he or she attended that would also define the level of expertise in the field.

Aside from the number of works and level of expertise, attitude and professionalism are also important in choosing a jeweller like Orsini. It is advisable to choose someone who you can easily talk to and listens very carefully on what you are saying. The jeweller must be polite, respectful, and honest to their clients and provides excellent quality service. Having good communication and understanding between you and the jeweller is important to make sure that he or she understand all the details for your custom jewellery.

Instead of going to different local jewellery shops to find the most reputable jewellers, you can now easily find them when you go online which is more convenient and hassle-free. You can also look for more samples in their website where you can find a variety of high-quality jewellery that you can choose from.

For more examples of Orsini’s range of NZ jewellery, click here.

Unique And Glamourous Coloured Gemstone Jewellery


Amethyst Ring

Amethyst Ring

Do you love beautiful things? Do you feel gorgeous and empowered when you wear something beautiful? The magic of glamour the jewellery can cast would transform the simplest outfit into splendour. You will attract people’s attention, they will compliment and you will be not only looking great but also feeling really wonderful with a little help of a piece of beautiful jewellery. It will make you forget about the busy everyday life and take you to a dream world. Beautiful coloured gemstone jewellery is timeless, its charm and magic last forever.


Now, if you are looking for a unique piece of jewellery with difference, I would recommend you to use coloured gems for jewellery. Of course, there is the most popular and classic stone such as diamonds, but if you are searching for something very special and personal, using coloured gem stones is a way to go. Do you want to express your individuality, your own particular sense of style? Are you tired of the same old pieces, bumping into someone else wearing the same item? Then jewellery pieces with coloured gems are the way to go.


You can wear coloured gem jewelleries for various occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or just any parties. You can choose the colour and design to suit your purpose and occasions. That is the big charm of coloured gem jewelleries.


Amethyst Earrings

Amethyst Earrings

In recent years, coloured gems are produced all over the world and there are constantly new discoveries. It is an exciting era for coloured gem lovers. Additionally to traditional coloured gems such as emerald, ruby and sapphire, you can enjoy the modern varieties such as garnet and tourmaline. Now let’s have a look at variations of the most beautiful and popular coloured gems for your jewellery.


  1. Ruby. A vibrant red ruby is one of the most popular coloured gems. The cherry red rubies are very popular. Some of the large ones can even cost more than a diamond.


  1. Sapphire. With its rich velvety blue colour, sapphire is another very popular coloured gem. Ruby and sapphire are actually close relative, originated from the same mineral. Sapphire comes with other colour variations such as gold, purple, orange and pink.


  1. Emerald. With its intense lush green colour, emerald also enjoys the eternal popularity. It has been highly prized since ancient times. It is believed that emerald protects you from misfortune and promotes tranquillity.


  1. Garnet. The deep, rich red garnet is hard and durable. It is a perfect alternative to ruby. Still it is one of the most underrated coloured gems. The colour actually comes various rainbow colours except blue. The name garnet means pomegranate in Latin.


  1. Aquamarine. Aquamarine is a relative of the emerald and the name means “seawater” in Latin. It is a sparkling gem with transparent blue colour and has been enjoying its popularity for many centuries. . The colour range varies from bluish grey to greenish blue.


  1. Amethyst. Amethyst stone is a type of quartz and with beautiful and intense violet purple colour there are always some devoted followers of this coloured gem.


It is a luxurious pleasure to collect coloured gem jewellery. You can immerse yourself in the world of glamour and fantasy yet with a quite affordable price.


You want your coloured gemstone jewellery to be glamourous but at the same time functional and adaptable. So when you choose the design make sure it not only looks good but also makes you feel good. It needs to take you away from stress full everyday life and lead you to world of pleasure. You want to enjoy the luxury and comfort at the same time. Choose the design carefully so you can wear it for a long time. Choose the one that best suits you, your style and personality.



For a private viewing of coloured gemstone jewellery, contact Orsini Auckland to see their Pomellato, Marco Bicego or Hulchi Belluni collections.

All You Need to Know About Eternity Rings

What exactly is an eternity ring?

Eternity ring set

Eternity ring set

An eternity ring is a special kind ring used to symbolise everlasting love. It is mostly given during an anniversary that is significant to a married couple for examples, after they have been together for a number of years. The ring usually given by the husband always has a precious metal for the band for example gold. It then has the other precious stones decorated around it. Some of the gemstones used include diamonds, white topaz, emerald etc. Gifting of eternity is age old tradition spanning from even the 18th century. They have been known by varied names including anniversary, infinity and even as promise rings.

  1. Types:

There are basically two types of eternity rings. Those that have the precious stones around them and are often called complete rings. The second are type ones with only a metal ring sometimes called a half-ring.

  1. Where and how are eternity rings worn?

Since they signify a continuing relationship and commitment to each other. They are always worn on the conventional ring finger. Depending on personal preferences this ring can be worn together with the engagement and wedding rings. However for those who want to make a fashion statement and let the ring stand out on its own can always simply wear it alone.

  1. When to gift an eternity ring.

This is a very important gift and timing for it to be given is definitely an important aspect to look into. One time to give can be during an important wedding anniversary like 10th or 20th and even the jubilee anniversary. Secondly it can be given to celebrate an achievement, for instance after the education of all children, after buying a dream home or getting that highest job promotion in your career. Finally it can be one way of spicing up your marriage by upgrading the old wedding bands.

  1. Designs of eternity rings

This is a variety of ring styles to choose from. As mentioned above, you can have plain metal or you can add stones to it. The most commonly used design is for diamond. However other available ones include the sapphire. They also come in varied shapes and sizes. When it comes to size, be sure to be accurate when ordering. Use your own creative ways to get your partners wedding ring and use it for sizing. The whole process of resizing is not a fun venture especially when it comes to some precious metals and gemstones.

  1. How to shop for an eternity ring.

There are many aspects to look at when shopping for an eternity ring. They can be quite pricey, so careful thought process has to be put when making the ultimate choice.

Auckland eternity rings

Auckland eternity rings

If it is simply a metal ring, then you need to ask about the grade of the metal. Gold is available in a number of grades but 18ct is the most common at high-class retailers like Orsini Jewellers. If you are going to buy a ring with a stone, then you need to ask about the cut, colour, clarity and carat. Diamonds are graded according to a scale from the brightest to the dullest stones. One can even mix and match the colours. The cut or shape is also another component to look at, your jeweller will definitely be valuable when deciding on this. The clarity has a standard industry scale used for grading diamonds. It might be complex trying to outline everything here therefore it is highly recommend to speak to an expert. Finally the carat of precious stone is basically the weight of the stone.

For all these, do your research carefully before visiting the jeweller’s shop. Have some basic knowledge, it will save you a lot of confusion and frustrations at the store.

  1. The difference between synthetic and natural stones for eternity rings.

This can be quite confusing to many shoppers. In terms of physical appearance they are very always indistinguishable. While the synthetic ones may not be as long lasting and durable like the natural ones, they come at quite pocket friendly prices. They are also much less on an environmental impact too.

In conclusion, most woman would love to be given an eternity ring. As a man you can find a ring without her knowledge to give her a romantic surprise. The jeweller will be happy to help. Alternatively, you can find an eternity ring in Auckland together. This can be just as romantic. Finally it is important to take your time when doing this. Since it’s a valuable investment, allow up to six months if need be and involve a friend or a family member while at it.



Finding The Right Bridal Jewellery For Your Big Day


Is your big day coming up? You have your dress picked out, someone to do your hair and makeup, but what about accessories? Bridal jewellery can make a real statement. There is quite a bit to consider, however.


bridal jewellery Auckland

Bridal jewellery rings

First, you must decide whether or not you even need jewellery. Your wedding dress will, inevitably, be the centrepiece of your wedding apparel. Everything else you wear on your special day should work to compliment it including any bridal jewellery you might choose.


Take a long, hard look at your dress. Is it fancy and busy? Is it understated and sleek? Determine what sort of jewellery would best suit it, if any. Don’t let too much embellishment make you look tacky when you want to look stunning.


Consider the cut of your dress. Pick a necklace that complements the neckline. This might mean not wearing a necklace if the neckline is particularly high. Similarly, consider your hair. Will large earrings be visible or should you go with small, tasteful studs?


Choose bridal jewellery to compliment your dress. Consider any embellishments that are on your dress already. Pick jewellery that matches them. If picking matching jewellery looks too busy in the mirror, pick jewellery that offsets your dress. For example, pick fancy jewellery for an understated dress and understated jewellery for a fancy dress.


Dress is things that make you feel comfortable. Try not to choose jewellery that is difficult to wear or makes you feel uncomfortable. On your big day, you don’t just need to look gorgeous. You need to feel comfortable and keep your poise. Don’t wear anything you don’t feel confident wearing. Confidence is far more attractive than most jewellery.


Look around for inspiration. Look at bridal magazines and explore bridal jewellery web pages online. Get inspired by weddings that have come before yours. It can be quite a bit easier to plan your wedding look once you have a clear idea in mind.


Take a picture of your dress before you go out shopping for jewellery. Don’t be afraid to show the pictures of your dress to people when you are around your friends or out shopping. Get everyone’s opinion and input. Having more than one opinion can help you move in the right direction and feel infinitely more comfortable about your own decisions.


Consider your bridesmaids when you are deciding on jewellery. Is your jewellery a decision that will influence what they need to wear as well? Do you want them wearing specific jewellery or none at all. Make sure that you consider this and communicate it with your bridesmaids.


If you are on a budget, there is no shame in shopping around for bargains. There are plenty of ways to get jewellery for your big day without spending a small fortune on it. Consider some of them.


Look at estate sales and second hand shops for jewellery. You can fine some gorgeous antique pieces for reasonable prices. It never hurts to just go in and look.


Consider making your own jewellery or buying it from someone who does. It really isn’t that difficult to craft your own jewellery. One of a kind jewellery can be just as gorgeous as store bought and will make you look even more unique when your wedding day rolls around.



Bridal jewellery

Bridal jewellery

If you have your heart set on the most expensive jewellery that money can buy, look into renting it. Renting jewellery for the day is often a far more realistic means of wearing gorgeous pieces on your wedding day. Just make sure you are extra careful with them. The best thing for a new marriage definitely isn’t getting saddled with a huge bill.


When in doubt, pearls are always an excellent choice for wedding and bridal jewellery. They always look classy and are not terribly expensive. If real pearls are out of your price range, artificial pearls often look just as nice and for just a fraction of the price. For more examples of bridal jewellery Auckland jewellers have on display, try a top-class outlet in Parnell called Orsini. They have their won range of bridal jewellery plus Italian designer pieces too.


There are limitless options when it comes to your wedding day look. Don’t let the endless possibilities stress you out. Take a deep breath and just take things one step at a time. Have fun with your bridal jewellery. Hopefully, this is an experience you will only have once in this lifetime. Make the most of it!